Learn the Hair Salon Secrets of Attracting More Clients, Greater Business and Increased Profits Without Having To Spend Loads Of Money On Marketing Or Advertising

From: Cecilia Yeung

Have you ever wondered why some hairdressers make more money than others?

Is it that they work harder? Is it that they have more staff? Are they open longer hours? Maybe they are, or maybe they have a marketing strategy? They have developed specific ways to constantly win clients & keep them coming back, again and again, for years!

Are you the one that runs the operation, looks after the clients, pays the bills, and after a hard day’s work think that “there’s got to be an easier way…”?

You may have tried some marketing or advertising. You may even spend quite a bit of time on it right now.

But There May Be Some Things You Don’t Know…

Have you ever thought, “It’s the things I don’t know, that are holding me back, and stopping me from making money”? Many successful salons know these secrets. They are using specific strategies in their marketing to make more money, serve more clients, generate more profit than other salons.

Now imagine, if you know a few of these ways to out market, outmanoeuvre, and out compete your competitors. What if you were able to get into the vault of where these secrets are? Would this make a difference in your business?

What if you had in your hand a step by step manual that helps you with getting more sales for your salon? The steps are very easy to follow. They do not cost you any or a lot of money to try out. Do you think you would have an edge over your competitors if you had a manual like this?

Do Find Yourself Cutting Prices (And Profits!) Instead of More Hair And Ringing Up The Sale At The Cash Register?

Today, in the hair styling industry, like some others areas of business, customers try to turn a hairdresser and their services into a commodity. This means, salons compete against each other based on price. Competing against each other on price is one of the worst ways to do business and you will end up a commodity with no distinguishing features other than price tag of your services. It reduces your value, slashes your profit margins and makes you compete against every other salon in your area.

Imagine if your business is entirely set apart from the competition! What if your clients can immediately differentiate you from your competition? Wouldn’t it be nice if your clients saw you as innovator, an originator, a leader of your industry and paid you proportionately?

Such a manual will show you 32 specific ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors resulting in strategies to regularly increase your fees all the while reinforcing your client loyalty.

“I have known Cecilia for a number of years and Paul for a few months. They are both marketing geniuses. I’m not exaggerating. Give them a few minutes of your time and tell them about your business. Then listen to them. You will not regret it. We have been implementing many of the very effective low cost marketing ideas that have boosted our business to the point that we have doubled our team to cope with the demand. If you want your business to grow and make more money, let them work with you. I highly recommend them

. – Sylvie Watts, Managing Director, Stretch Limited

Most Salon Owners Work More Hours, Have More Stress and Get Paid Far Less Than They Deserve

Now I have to ask you this question. Is your business running at its full 100% potential? Chances are, it is running at 50% or even lower in terms of the profits your salon can bring you. Do not feel despair though because the good news is that you have a full 50% of potential you can tap into!

If you were able to see your business with special goggles that show you all the hidden assets and convert them into easy profits and more revenues for you, would that be helpful?

Now imagine this.

If your business is running at its full potential, what would it look like?

  • You will have a steady stream of clients coming in to use your services, day in, day out

  • Your bank balance each month grows bigger and bigger from the increased profits

  • You can now take vacations or spend more time with your loved ones

  • You can start living your dream of expanding your business

  • You will be able to pay your bills every month with a smile as you have a large bank account with growing income

  • You have a team of people running your business like clock work while you focus on more important things

  • You can invest your profits into expanding your business or on other things that can make you even more money!

In truth, most people do not start out a business because they want to work harder, earn less money and worry about paying bills. But yet many salon owners end up working longer hours and worrying about how to get more clients in.

Do not get caught up in this cycle!

"I am writing to thank you for helping us achieve outstanding results with our business in Hong Kong. What really impressed me more than anything was your talking from the heart honesty and dynamic passion to really help us achieve our goals in the Hong Kong market. I am sure that you can help any business from the very small to large corporations achieve remarkable increases in many areas of their company and especially by improving their bottom line profits."

- Bob Allwright

Our 97 Ways To Market Your Hair Salon® manual is designed for salon owners and hairdressers who:

  • Want a distinct and profitable advantage over their competitors

  • Are looking for low cost ways to increase sales

  • Seeking “real world” strategies and examples

  • Do not have a huge marketing budget

  • Are looking for the greatest return on their dollar

  • Only want to spend money on results

  • Know that their business is not anywhere near the full potential it can be running at but do not know how to start

  • Have tried some marketing activities but did not see any results and feel that there is not a lot that can help aside from spending money on advertising

  • Find it more and more challenging to be in an industry that competes on price and feel doomed to undercutting competitors and reducing margins

  • Find that there is not enough time to engage in marketing but understand how important it is for long term business growth

Please Read The Following Questions And See If They Apply To You:

  1. Is your current marketing effective in winning you new business?

  2. Do you have a constant stream of new clients walking through the door?

  3. Are you able to keep a large proportion of your clients for many years?

  4. Do all your clients come in as often as you like?
If you are unsure about any of these answers, then this marketing manual will help you achieve all of the above and more!


"Cecilia is masterful at bringing out the best in people. With her inspiring presence and elegant dedication, her workshops are all about adding value and confidence. Cecilia has helped me in the process of thinking beyond current day-to-day business in powerful and exciting (yet very simple) ways. She, in a short period of time, has enabled accelerated growth in me on personal as well as business levels." 

- Martike de Grip, Managing Director, Transcedge Ltd.

Would you like marketing systems that operate 24 hours a day, at low cost? This book has 14 such strategies.

This manual contains:

  • 62 LOW COST WAYS to generate massive return on your time and effort

  • 13 SPECIFIC STRATEGIES on how to increase the revenue during a client’s visit

  • 21 WAYS to improve your staff morale and create higher employee productivity and loyalty

  • 32 SPECIFIC IDEAS on how to get your clients to come back more often, refer more new clients to you and spend more each time they visit you

  • At least 18 WAYS to increase your profit by 10-50% immediately and not have to spend a SINGLE CENT!

  • 28 LONG TERM STRATEGIES that will bring you profitable returns from your business for years to come

  • 11 DIFFERENT WAYS to leverage your existing marketing such as print or radio advertising and maximize your ROI (return on investment) by 50-400%

  • 16 WAYS to make extra money from just your premises alone – without having to service a single client

  • 12 SPECIFIC WAYS to maximize your Internet marketing –whether you are starting from scratch or already have a website

  • 32 WAYS to target completely new markets you have never reached before

  • And much, much more!

Many businesses in your industry “know” a lot of what to do. If everyone applied what they “knew”, every business would be thriving and turning away new clients! This guide understands that you already know a lot about your industry and sometimes, as it happens in business, you get very busy with operations that some things become “overlooked”.

Completely understanding this operational obstacle, this strategic manual offers very easy to follow, step-by-step action plans to implement some ideas you may have heard of before, new concepts you’ve never thought of or a combination of both.

"Cecilia offers great learning of how to increase one's business without a corresponding increase in the marketing budget. It puts a different perspective on marketing and how to be more effective in sales."

- Mary-Anne Chan, Manager, Client Services, Ernest Maude


How Does This Step By Step Action Plan Work?

Very simple. We help you identify how important it is for your business to implement a strategy by using our scale, how long it will take to implement and rate how easy it will be for you to implement. What holds most businesses back from reaching their full maximum earning potential is not a lack of talent, the economic situation or lack of resources.

Most of the time it’s just merely the lack of ACTION.

By following this simple process and by taking action, you will accomplish a whole lot of things you never imagined possible!

Why Some Salons Charge More For The Same Services And Get Away With It…

Have you noticed that there are salons in your area that seem very successful and are often fully booked?

Is it because they are smarter, in a better location or just are plain lucky?

It’s most likely because they understand market positioning, have a strategic marketing plan for their business and do not price themselves with their competitors by discounting.

Are your clients loyal, use your services frequently and easy to do business with?

Or are your clients price sensitive, shop around, and not very loyal? They come in spurts, don’t accept your advice and take up a lot of your time?

Do not accept being a commodity and SEPARATE yourself from the competition TODAY.

This strategic manual will show you ways to re-position yourself on a higher, more authoritative and expert level so that you can charge more for your services and have your clients use your services more frequently and refer more business to you.

This is your business companion, especially written for your industry with 97 powerful ways to bring your salon more clients and profits than you realised possible. Two thirds of the strategies require almost no money as they just point you to tap into assets and relationships you already have, right under your nose!

This manual contains powerful marketing strategies for any hairdresser who is able to follow a process. It is a book that gives concrete strategies to outperform, outsell, out market, and out think your competitors. It is a systematic approach to winning new clients and watching the bank account grow.

This strategic business manual is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not going to make you a millionaire overnight. It is not a quick fix. It is a series of collective strategies, to give your business a competitive edge and requires you to take some action.

This manual also debunks some common myths about how to make money in your industry.

Myth #1: You Have To Spend Money To Make Money

This manual does not teach you how to spend more money in order to make money. We simply SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!

Imagine waking up and finding $5,000 under your pillow! Well, you have assets worth far more than this in your business today. On average, a business has over 19 hidden assets that can be immediately converted into profits. How would you like to uncover yours today?

You may have invested a quantifiable amount of hard work, effort, money and valuable time to build your business and your existing assets. Are you using these assets to increase your profits on a daily basis? This strategic manual will not only show you how to find these hidden assets that already exist within your business but how to turn them immediately into profits!

This publication has at least 35 strategies that demonstrate how you can use your current assets to increase your profits – that means, you do not have to spend a SINGLE CENT to increase your business because you already have the assets at your disposal, right now.

Myth #2: You Have To Hire A Marketing Specialist To Be Effective in Marketing

Let us tell you right now that you do not have to spend any money on hiring an expert to come in to tell you how to run your business. YOU are the expert on how to best operate your business. All we do is reveal to you, how simple and easy it is to win more business.

Experts often charge you a fee and may tell you all kinds of things about your business but do not hold themselves accountable for results or that you will make a certain dollar return on the fee you have been charged. Do not be fooled by those who tell you how you should run your business.

You are the expert when it comes to your business. All we do is give you a different perspective of your business that you may have not considered before.

You could take 20 years to accumulate and discover all these ideas, or you can implement the strategies in this strategic manual, and create a shortcut to success for your hair salon.

Myth #3 – You Have To Spend Money On Your Salon, Be in the Best Location In Order To Charge High Fees

When a client experiences exceptional service that is above standard, they will then go out and rave about you to all their friends. New business as a result of these referrals comes easily & effortlessly. It is about positioning yourself as the pre-eminent expert in your category. Once you have this position, it is now possible to charge a fee more suitable to your skill and ability.

How often have you poured all your energy into creating a remarkable hair style for a client, only to feel empty afterwards because the fee rendered is nowhere near the effort you put in, or they just didn’t appreciate the attention you have put into this latest creation? It doesn’t have to be that way.

This strategic manual has 32 ways that allow you to reposition yourself in the marketplace. You will start to value yourself even more, and that in turn will allow you to receive the appropriate fee for your services. You may even find yourself receiving higher revenues on a weekly basis and thinking, “I’m an absolute bargain for the service I provide to my clients”.

How can you receive more income each week, and be seen as a real bargain to your clients? Begin to implement the strategies in this marketing guide, and you will discover the secrets that are so close to you, but are blocked by all your current energy which you may be only directing towards working harder. Now be honest here, do you really want to “work harder” than you do already?

These strategies will save you years of marketing “trial & error” and places all this knowledge in a clear and easy to use way to start increasing your clients, and making more money today! Making the money you truly deserve and are worth.

"The growth Break Free achieved in 2006 is incredible and can be attributed directly to the expertise and drive of Cecilia Yeung. Along with being very pleasant to work with, Cecilia provides focus, clearly defined targets, marketing innovation, monitoring and most importantly, RESULTS!"  - Peter Armstrong, Managing Director, Break Free Limited


How does this manual help you make more money?

  • Strategy #26 talks specifically about how to increase your revenues by selling more products and how to do this systematically at your salon

  • Strategy #65 shows you how to position yourself as the expert in the industry and charge your fees accordingly

  • Strategy #91 walks you through how to maintain an active prospect list at all times so that you will never have to wonder how to get new clients during slow periods

  • Strategy #4 shows you how to increase the value of every transaction at your salon by asking a few simple questions and having some basic systems in place

  • Strategy #49 tells you how to get free publicity and media attention for your salon at no cost

  • Strategy #20 demonstrates how to make your clients more loyal to your salon and how to get them to promote your business to their friends at no cost to you!

  • Strategy #68 shows you how to systematically rebook your clients so that they will use your services more frequently and to ensure your calendar is full all year round

  • Strategy #7 reveals specific ways you can generate extra income immediately with your existing premises

  • Strategy #61 talks about the importance of your staff and how to keep them motivated, productive and loyal to your salon

  • And so much more!

There is so much more we cannot possibly place any more points in here without just showing you the manual.

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Avoid the Two Greatest Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make!

The two greatest mistakes we see daily with the way most businesses do their marketing are quite simple, and so easy to correct.

  1. Most businesses miss opportunities because they are too busy running the business. It’s the chicken or the egg syndrome. Most businesses do not have time to do their marketing because they are so caught up with running the operations and scrambling around to new clients in.

  2. Many businesses do not re-invest their profits into marketing or strategic assets for long term profit.

To always be reacting to the business climate and keeping busy with your salon’s operation will keep you oblivious to windfall profits that are clearly all around you and make you wonder why the other salons are so profitable and expanding while you are struggling to make ends meet each month.

Being STRATEGIC with a long-term perspective is how you will position your business in the top percentile charging the high end fees and keeping your clients returning.

You have to invest back into the business in the form of marketing and assets to create sustainable long term results. After all, do you want to just have a good year or are you ready to invest in your business for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

Remember that YOU are the Expert

We want to be sure you know that YOU are the expert and you are the most knowledgeable person about your craft, your business and your clients. This knowledge base is very valuable and it took you years to build up to the level where you are today however the profits you are earning from this valuable asset are probably not at the level that they deserve to be.

All we do is show you how each area of your expertise can be magnified and converted into profits by doing a few things differently. We take diamonds in the ruff and with each strategy, help you polish them to their sheer brilliance that have always been there, but just dormant.

"Cecilia is the real deal as they say. She speaks from the heart with great knowledge in her field of expertise. I've been in sales over 15 years and she was still able to give me fantastic ideas to increase my bottom-line. If she's teaching, I'm there; I would never hesitate to take a course from her. I believe she could help anyone in any business do better from a small start-up to the most established company." 

- Karolyn Yue, Yue and Co.

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will get so many times the return of your investment with this program, that we offer a 100-day, money back guarantee. We believe you will get so much value from this manual, that if after 100 days, you are not more strategic, profitable, more effective & more productive in your marketing, we demand to give you your money back! It is only fair to do this. We know you are trusting us, and so, we want to make it as easy as possible to invest with us.

Our information-packed strategic manual covers 97 key elements for a hair salon to increase sales. Each strategy is explained in depth, from theory to application with specific action steps on how to implement. There is also a guide on prioritizing the strategies according to your operations and how to set out your action plan. Applying simply ONE strategy will see an immediate windfall in profits for most hair salons.

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For only $97, you can have in your hands immediately, the profits driven, step-by-step action plan to drive up the sales for your salon business. They are so easy to implement, you can start TODAY!
We’re sure you would like to see how these strategies can work for you. We would like to include a few, free of charge, for you to test out.

97 Ways to Market YourHair Salon

Strategy #68 – Rebooking System

The treatments and products you offer are services that require your client to use you again, and again. If your product is of high quality and you deliver your services with genuine care and concern for client satisfaction, there is every reason for your client to return to you indefinitely and forever!

To leverage this, ensure you have effective rebooking systems in place to upsell other services and to increase the frequency of your clients’ annual number of visits. As highlighted in Strategy #37, the lifetime value of your clients can be calculated based on what their annual spend is with you. Knowing this important client data will enable you to be more strategic in your rebooking and upselling activities.

If you know that Client A visits you 4 times a year for highlights and 8 times a year for a haircut, you can increase the haircut frequency by suggesting a conditioning treatment or book them in advance for the next highlight treatment after a haircut by offering a gift, promotional item or simply getting the appointment book out to help them make their next booking.

Upon check out at the counter, remind them of upcoming due treatments. “It’s been six weeks since your last coloring treatment, would you like to book within the next month to secure a spot?” or “We are offering a complimentary manicure with our hair cuts during the month of February. Would you like to make an appointment now?” A very simple rebooking system is mentioned in Strategy #4 – Upsell.

Another way is to program in your calendar one-month notices for your clients. This service is welcome by your client and all it takes is a phone call from your receptionist to remind them to book their next appointment. You simply need to ask your client upon payment, “Would you like to receive a reminder call when your next treatment is due?” Immediately confirm this with an appointment card. (See Strategy #44 – Referrals to include a referral section)

By booking clients in advance, you will be much more strategically positioned when planning your calendar, maximizing operating hours and your stylists’ paid hours. See Strategy #41 for client appointment reminders.

See Also:

Strategy #  4 – Upsell  
Strategy #18 – Maximizing Your Calendar Ease of Implementation: 5
Strategy #37 – Lifetime Value Time to Implement: 2-3 days
Strategy #79 – Clients’ Annual Bookings  Importance Rating: 10
97 Ways to Market YourHair Salon

How about reading on for a couple more?

97 Ways to Market Your Hair Salon

Strategy #22 – Add-On Services

Increase your revenues on a daily basis by offering “add on” services for clients who are already receiving treatment.

Review your clients’ lifestyle habits, preferences, interests (see Strategy #47 on Client Surveys) and what kind of additional services they are interested in. Your add-on service may be a hot oil treatment or manicure.

This can be added to your greeting upon your client check in. “Would you like to try our hot oil treatment? We have a promotional offer today.” For male clients, it may be “Would you like our express nose-hair trimming along with your haircut today?”  This is a low cost, high return strategy.

You can designate the “add-on” service pitch at many points during the client appointment process. It can be offered upon the booking of the appointment, the reminder call or upon arrival. You can test and measure at which point of offer you receive the highest response rate. A way to approach a client with an add-on service may start with seeking permission by asking “Do you mind if I suggest a product or service…to you today?”

This is called “upselling” to a client already purchasing. You are NOT being pushy or greedy for more sales. You are merely educating the client on what else is available. If 20 clients walk through your door per day for an appointment and you upsell only 2 of them (10%), over an aggregate period of 3 months, you can work out how much extra revenue this mean for you.

There will always be a percentage who says yes or no. If they say no, do not take it personally! You have not been offensive or hard sell. You are fulfilling your duty to offer ways for your client to look their best. The client probably wants some new ideas and product suggestions from an expert. If you allow yourself to focus on those who say yes and not be put off or feel rejected by those who say no, you will start to see your revenues increase significantly over time.

See Also

Strategy #  4 – Upsell Ease of Implementation: 2
Strategy #26 – Product Sales Time to Implement: 2-3 days
Strategy #64 – Create a Selling Culture Importance Rating: 6
97 Ways to Market Your Hair Salon

For only $27, you can have in your hands immediately, the profits driven, step-by-step action plan to drive up the sales for your salon business. They are so easy to implement, you can start TODAY!

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97 Ways To Market Your Hair Salon

Strategy #44 – Referrals

Word of Mouth marketing will be the most powerful, cost-effective and effortless marketing you can take advantage of for increased business and profits. We have discussed throughout this publication how to generate more WOM marketing and in turn, receive referrals.

The more referral systems you have in place, the higher likelihood of your clients, associates, suppliers and prospects (yes even prospects as you communicate with them on a regular basis via your monthly newsletter!) referring new business to you. They are usually at no cost and even if you are offering a bonus or giveaway, there is only a cost if you receive a successful referral. Given the lifetime value of a client, this is a very small cost (Strategy #37 – Lifetime Value).

Several referral systems were already mentioned in Strategy #4, 5, 17, 28 & 32.  There are some you will run continuously and some that you implement during special periods or for limited availability. Here are some examples of referral systems:

  1. Referral card on the back of appointment cards to give to your clients
  2. Referral link in your monthly online newsletter
  3. Referral section in your client surveys
  4. Vouchers/coupons for 1st time visitors to give to your clients upon payment or included  in mailers
  5. Limited time offers for free or bonus treatment (1st time visitors) for your clients to forward to friends
  6. Products or bonuses as gifts clients who refer a new client to you
  7. Corporate DVD (Strategy #90) to give to your clients to forward to friends
  8. Monthly lucky draw for those with completed referral cards
  9. Sales campaigns specifically asking for referrals (letters, mailers, online)
  10. Offer frequent user points for every successful referral

There are numerous other systems you can put into place. The best part is there is no limit as to how many you can implement. Brainstorm with your team every quarter on new and creative referral systems. After all, they do not cost you anything and are the most effective form of advertising.

See Also:

Strategy #  4 – Upsell Ease of Implementation: 2
Strategy # 5 – Communication Time to Implement: 2-4 days
Strategy #37 – Lifetime Value Importance Rating: 9
97 Ways To Market Your Hair Salon

For only $27, you can have in your hands immediately, the profits driven, step-by-step action plan to drive up the sales for your salon business. They are so easy to implement, you can start RIGHT NOW!

You only need to win ONE new client from this strategic manual and your investment has paid off!

And there’s more!

To ensure your success, we will include bonus products that will enhance the strategies that you will learn from the 97 Ways Manual. They are especially selected to make your job easier when it comes to implementing your marketing strategies. We are offering you 8 bonus products valued at a whopping US$1,215.00!


97 Ways10 Ways To Write More Effective Ads – A comprehensive step by step guide on writing ads that will generate more inquiries, close more sales and grab your readers’ attention! This no-nonsense report will tell you why your headline is the most important in your ad, how to include benefits, not features, how to include your USP, how to increase urgency for your prospect to call you and so much more.

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97 WaysMillion Dollar Emails – The Greatest Moneymaking Emails Of All Time – This 212 page guide will give you access to the best moneymaking emails ever written. Together, this collection of emails has produced much, much more than $1m in sales. See samples of emails for acquiring new customers, client services and endorsements. You will learn how to collect email addresses, online and off, managing your list, getting your emails opened and read, and so much more!

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Top 3 Secrets to Highly Successful Newsletters and How You Can Use Them for Your Newsletter Easily – A simple guide on how to write more effective newsletters to keep you readers loyal, eager for the next newsletter and forward to their friends. Get the secrets on the best newsletter design, value-added content to layout of your newsletter.

This bonus is valued at $37!



10 Steps To Writing Killer Web Copy – Master copywriter Alex
Mandossian shares exactly how to write copy that floods your web site with sales. In this ebook, you will learn Alex’s his 10 step proven formula for writing killer web copy. It’s known as one of the
most step-by-step and well detailed systems for writing copy.

This bonus is valued at $29.95!



97 WaysUltimate Techniques for Time Management – Take control of your time with this detailed guide offering techniques on how to better manage your most valuable asset, your time. Accomplish the goals that you have always wanted to but thought you didn’t have time for, without sacrificing time for anything else you are currently doing. This manual will teach you how to find the time to do the things you currently believe you don’t have the time for.

This bonus is valued at $97.95!



97 Ways Simple Sales Copy Software Program – This amazing program allows you to create captivating sales copy in just a few clicks of your mouse – you simply select the letter components you want to use and enter some basic information and the software program does the rest. You will instantly create order-pulling, cash-producing sales copy you can start using immediately!

This bonus is valued at $147!





97 Ways Email Follow Up – 77 Cut & Paste Templates – If you do not like to spend time on the computer thinking of what to say in your emails to your prospects, clients and partners, here are 77 templates all ready for you download and use as you wish. The emails are already written for you. You just need to plug in your details and you can send off at a click of your mouse.

This bonus is valued at $47!




97 WaysThe Secrets of Looking and Feeling Younger – This bonus is a bonus for YOU to give away to your clients. You can add value to your clients by giving away a guide to help them look and feel younger. From recommended diets, natural remedies to tips on staying fit, energetic and more vibrant, your clients will be very appreciative of your special gift.

This bonus is valued at $19.95!



We also want to offer you a final bonus that is a must for any business. Legendary Marketing Guru Jay Abraham will share with you his most guarded secrets to creating wealth and windfall profits for your business.

97 Ways The Windfall Profits Paradox: How You Can Build Tremendous Long-Term Business Wealth and Success Using Short-Term "Windfall-Generating Opportunity" Thinking - Jay will show you how to refocus your attention so you can take advantage of short-term opportunities to generate an "almost overnight rapid acceleration of profit, cash flow, and income.”

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For an investment of only $27, you will not only immediately have in your hands, the step by step strategic manual focused specifically on your business but also the tools and handbooks to writing sales copy, advertisements, newsletters plus the resources to get the right mindset for your next level of success.

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100-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your success in using 97 Ways To Market Your Hair Salon® is completely guaranteed. If for any reason you are unsatisfied you can simply ask for a refund and you'll get one...no questions asked!

You have a full 100 days to decide whether this information is useful for you.

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“There are many books out there that help you create and promise lots of ways for you to increase your business sense and bottom line. However, in 97 Ways, their strategies are really extensions of what you may already have and are absolute footprints and foundation based concepts that when implemented, automatically increase your profit margins and networking. We always want to do better but often the thought of doing something outside of our hectic schedule seems impossible. Again, 97 Ways, takes the fear element out of that mindset and allows you to replace that with comfort and practical sense.”

- Andrea Gutwirth, Founder & Executive Director , SoulTalk Foundation